Tutorial Tuesday - Vanilla Cream Tobacco Bakery

TT: Vanilla Cream Tobacco Bakery $neaky's Babushka (or How to Never Get Bored While Mixing)

Hello fellow mixers,

I'm back with a small recipe share. I dont know if you know my friend, $neakyBabushka, but here he is on atf. One day he'd asked me about some old school tobacco flavors and, since I never really had tobaccos when I was buying commercial, I wasn't really sure what to recommend. Based on the comments by redditors from my SC/FE Bacco flavors, I figured this was a good place to start choosing flavors.

To start I thought, let me try to make combination using FE Black Mile, lean into the chocolate notes a bit, pair it with an AP heavy tobacco flavor, graham it up, and dump some vanilla on there:


old school tobacco

% Vendor Flavor
1.5 FE Black Mile Plus
0.75 TPA French Vanilla Creme
1.5 FW Graham Cracker
2.5 SC Parlay

Not bad, but it wasn't what I wanted. I wasn't feeling the Chocolate note route and wanted to switch that up. The rest at that point could really just be anything, depending on the recipe at that point. So, if I'm going to lose the chocolate notes, I better start getting to thinking about other ideas...

For inspiration, I decided to watch some Noted and review the comments by ChemicalBurnVictim on the flavors and came across a comment he made about pairing of SC/FE Cigar and TPA RY4D here. After hearing him calling that pairing "premium", something just clicked that this was the key to making my friend this mix he might enjoy going back to his early vaping days.

Building up from our central pairing, I remembered all that I'd heard about Boba's Bounty and figured I'd give this VCT (Vanilla Custard Tobacco) a loose stab. I know that I'd never be able to make something that was remotely similar since I neither had the OG nor do I know custards even remotely, so using this as an inspiration, I settled on Creamy Vanilla Tobacco with a hint of graham for texture along the lines of the original idea.


$neaky's babushka v1

Here we see that pairing of RY4D and SC Cigar. It's quite good and a strong basis for any dessert tobacco type mix. TPA French Vanilla Creme got kept in because I love the way it plays with the baccos. It's sweet and rich and could be subbed out for any creamy vanilla for your tastes. TPA French Vanilla Deluxe, INW Shisha, etc. FW Graham Cracker for that old school graham and a bit of a stolen move from u/FomentLife to add a touch of nut to pull it all together with WF Roasted Pecans & Cream. This flavor adds a hint of a coffee note and binds the Graham with the creams to the baccos and the dirty caramel into one cohesive unit. That's the whole thing.

% Vendor Flavor
2 SC Cigar
1.5 TPA French Vanilla Creme
1.25 FW Graham Cracker
1 WF Roasted Pecans & Cream
2 TPA Ry4 Double


We have to try to see how other flavors will play in those roles, right? No stone left unturned. The problem was that the second version was equally as interesting.


$neaky's babushka v2

The idea here was to see what magic lay beneath the Cigar/RY4D combo and use an equally as delicious flavor, SC Cohiba, to drive this in a less neutral position and much 'darker' blend. To support that darkness we swap out FW Graham for FLV Graham Cracker. They're pretty similar, but this one makes just enough changes to feel 'different' but not completely be so.

% Vendor Flavor
2 SC Cohiba
1.5 TPA French Vanilla Creme
1 FLV Graham Cracker
1 WF Roasted Pecans & Cream
2 TPA Ry4 Double

Possible Subs

For the baccos, you could easily sub any nutty, AP heavy, ry4ish mild bacco and just get different results:

  • FLV Red Burley
  • INW 555 Gold
  • INW Gold Ducat
  • FLV Mild

or the two listed would probably be my top choices.

For the vanilla cream, you could easily sub any creamy vanilla:

  • CAP Fr. Vanilla
  • TPA Van Creme Deluxe
  • INW Shisha Vanilla

Or tweak the whole thing with a Vanilla Marshmallow, Cream (with a little extra vanilla), or any kind of Vanilla Custard to strike your fancy.

For the nut portion, tweaks might include:

  • WF Hazelnut and Cream (or any other cream and nut offering)
  • FW Hazelnut & your favorite nut
  • could play into your cherry with some almond/marzipan flavors and swap the vanilla for FLV Smooth Vanilla
  • a bit of AP and/or a more AP heavy flavor in place of the Graham

For the bakery, tweaks might include:

  • CAP Graham
  • FW/FLV in either one
  • CAP SC, FA Vanilla/Premium Cookie
  • JF/INW Biscuit
  • use your imagination!

Lastly, there are no spice accents here. Just add whatever makes you happy and you have an even more complex mix. FA Cardamom, CAP CInnamon Sugar, FLV Horchata, VT Bakery Spice, FLV Pumpkin Spice... any of these could elevate the mix to your tastes.

Final Thoughts

I got hung up at 2 versions that seemed to both be quite good. I asked $neaky which one he liked better, assuming I would just let him decide the final recipe, and he also said that they were both good and yet different enough to make it a tough call. So here they are, as two distinct recipes but all in this vein of Creamy Vanilla Tobacco with a hint of bakery for texture. I like this because I prefer recipes that have room to 'breathe'. I never mix the same thing twice or twice in the same way, so here you have a guide or "template" that you can play off of, or just create your own.

  • Vanilla
  • Cream
  • Tobacco
  • Bakery

Comments with your favorite versions of VCBT or VCT would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading,