Intro: There's a few mixes I've been meaning to try for ages. u/Kittybit8's Clouds of Buddha and Mists of Buddha. So I figured I'd give them a shot and have a quick conversation with the mixer while I did. Here's what we talked about.

i: kitty, im an asshole and should have tried your mix years ago

K: Well uhm yes you should cause I hyped that shit

i: lol, dont agree so quickly | but i have a few questions for you

K: Shoot

i: first is how many buddhas did you make and why?

K: Plan was to make one, cause I researched a ton about what Buddha liked to eat which was mango and rose apples with steamed rice. But when the recipe was made, it was too much of a mess so I had to split it into 2 recipes

i: Parents arent supposed to have favorites, is one of them better than the others?

K: I wanna say opposed to everyone else, then Mists of Buddha is actually my favorite cause of the mango

i: I can mix both so I'll start with clouds first. It's an interesting concept recipe. Any other concept recipes you've read or tired that you liked? just curious

K: Damn you're fucking making me think now. | Well there are two. One is less of a concept while the other is more of a concept, But I would have to go with Sunshine State by pizza and Cabin by Alfred

i: i love sunshine state. What did you like about it?

K: That it was a no-bullshittter and it kinda paid some homage to Florida both via name and taste | But I was actually considering doing a remix of it

i: And it's fantastic. The citrus there is amazing.

K: Yeah but I think it can become even better now | Fuck FW Blood Orange and fuck CAP Sweet Tangerine

i: Well, now I hope you do that! | I'd ask you to spill your secrets but we know this is being posted

K: ;)

i: I'm digging around for flavors for this recipe and I'm literally in every category... fruits, florals, grains, wtf?

K: Dude that's all fruits, florals and grains | It's a smooth silky road between them all

i: this is really pissing me off, i cant find some of these. gimmie a sec to really look around

K: Wouldn't be you if you could find everything

i: ok, got it | you ever try these mtl or in a pod? you think they'd work?

k: Nah. Maybe in MTL but not for pod.

i: I'll try some mtl later

K: Yeah try it in mtl and see how it is | I have a feeling it could be a good mtl sort of vape

i: I was thinking the same. Sometimes florals can be really nice mtl and can come softer. I didn't tell you but I was badgering u/ID10-T about recipe of the year nominations and the first thing he did was check the date on the Buddha he tried for Noted Rose.

Why do you think it's taken so long for people to recognize it?

K: Cause not many people have a great interest in savory vapes I guess. Also because it uses some weird ass flavors that would be hard to use for other stuff afterwards

i: true, but damn that's a lot of sweet rice! Does the other one have it too? You're gonna clean me out, dude.

K: yup both have same amount of the rice base Between the two recipes, there are only a small amount of changes

i: I'm done mixing the clouds is this snv?

K: Nah, it needs at least 2 days to reach its full potential

i: That sucks. Im gonna try it anyway.

K: Yeah it'll probably still be good as snv [Note: It is btw]

i: I guess that FLV cream needs a sec, yeah?

My Lord

I wouldn't call this savory per se, but I see what you're saying. It's really got that rice action going.

Dude, this is sick. I am an asshole

K: Yeah it's as savory as a vape can probably be, considering most vapes are very sweet

i: wow, Dude, how much work went into this? Did you make a lot of versions?

you mention in the notes you collabed a bit on it | I can't see you nailing this on the first go

K: Uhm.. took about 3 months I think with several versions until I had to chicken out and ask Alfred and Shyndo for help

i: Which parts were messing you up?

K: 100% the rice

i: fe sweet rice is the only one i'd be able to mention off the top of my head. Were there a lot of options to work with? Or you just couldn't get that part right?

K: I couldn't really get the rice part right to begin with. Alfred suggested that I got VT Rice Base in the mix, so I did that and it still didn't work. Right until I figured out, that many of the issues I ran into was actually caused by fe sweet rice being too low and just fade like a drunk bitch

i: like 4 days, yeah?

K: Something like that, but I discovered that if I pushed it high enough, then a tiny bit of it would actually surpass that and make it all work

i: If this gets better, btw, im gonna have to stop hitting it soon. This is some amazing shit. It's this sweet floral honey rose on the inhale, pocket of cream in the middle, with a lingering rice finish that is awesome. So super good dude.

K: Thanks. It'll get better in a few days when everything has really blended and FLV Cream has put its big boy pants on

i: I'm gonna keep at this while I dig up these flavors for Mists of Buddha. I can't believe that you had a recipe so big that you broke it up into two recipes that (I'm only guessing by this one) are/will be amazing.

K: Back when it was just one big recipe, it was a real mess with the mango bullying everything around

i: i love this, you basically made a Rice Pudding Base with fe/vt Rice and FLV Cream. Im stealing it and adding my own shit later.

K: Be my guest. I was kinda hoping, that the Buddha series could inspire some people into playing more around with rice puddings and make them more out of the box

i: hmmm Both my mangoes are missing. this is gonna be a sec. In the meantime, were there any subs to any of these that you tried or came close? Clearly, a lot of this is untouchable.

K: No I had a pretty dead set plan on which concentrates I wanted to use. It was more a question about how to make them all work together

i: So, just shit outta luck if you dont have these. Got it.

K: yup

i: heat here is at 0.15. C'mon man. tell me you took it higher. How high did you go? Don't be a Pussy Kat

K: Hahaha I actually took it 0.65% and liked it

i: I’m reading it wrong anyway. I’m mixing a 30 and it’s 0.15g not %. I’m an asshole.

K: Shit happens to dawgs and men

i: ha! Speaking of assholes. Dave wants me to test a mix with heat at 3%. But it’s a pod mix. Is he just fucking with me? Am I a lemming?

K: He's fucking with you, 3% is mace right into your mouth. I think Emily tried it at 5% once

i: I'm trying it anyway | because I'm an asshole | Emily is crazy cakes

K: She is indeed

i: Ok, all mixed up. Gonna give it a rip. I'm assuming this will be better in 2-3 days too, yeah?

K: 2 days yeah, but probably works fine as SnV. The mango will be a bit of a bully though

i: Idk man, I like them Cloudz better, i think. The rose is clearer

K: Yeah Clouds is a bit more on the milder side which really lets all the components show

i: you basically made the perfect showcase for that FLV Rose Essence on the Clouds. Foment says that he gets a slight coconut note off FLV Mango, do you get that? I feel like, if it's there, it's a nice addition here

K: Thanks! Yeah I definitely get the coconut note from FLV Mango

i: oh for real, clouds of buddha is for sure the quintessential vape for anyone trying to do something with Rose Essence from here on out.

You, know, two things. (1) The mango gets entirely erased from the palate when the rice comes, which is incredible and (2) The Mango Trinity with the addition of WF Island Mango is again in question.

K: Yeah I think the mango trinity could work in it, but at the same time I kinda don't want to have too much mango in it, cause then it's just a mango vape. It kinda ruins the concept idea of it a little

i: I dont think Dave is entirely convinced that wf is needed. And he's a fricken Mango snob. Which just means it could go both ways.

K: I'm not even sure I'm convinced really

i: damn, i just got a pocket of flv heat. you need to put a warning on this recipe for assholes like me

K Hahaha FLV Heat can be quite intense

i: especially when all 0.5% hits you at once

K: Yeah that can be a bitch to tackle really

i: Welp, here we are. I'm how many years too late? But I swear this was the perfect way to try these. I'll revisit it after a few days and I will be fucking with this again (when I get another bottle of FE Sweet Rice). This is screaming for some cardamom, etc etc.

I prefer the clouds right now, it's so ethereal and unique and delicate. It's really amazing. I keep getting knocked around by the mango trying to look for that rose in Mists

K: Thanks. Sad part is, that I know I'll never be able to make anything like it again

So I like to think it was Buddha who spoke through me

i: hahaha well that's the end of the interview for sure!!! thanks for doing that kitty

K: No problemo

Final Thoughts: Turns out that I learned to love the Mists of Buddha as much, if not more, than the Clouds of Buddha. They are both extremely interesting mixes with a completely solid rice base layer that can likely be ported over into a whole host of limitless combinations. Mists was in the atomizer and I kept telling myself that I would switch back to the Clouds yet couldn't quite stop. Something about how the mango got a little dried up and slightly spicy with the heat with that solid rice finish really makes it an intriguing vape. As a concept it's interesting, but as a flavor mix, really unique and kind of lovely.