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What the Huck?! Is this Finn-ish Berry really 2022's first Flavor of the Week? 2022-01-04 237 - Huckleberry StardustCoyote, Daniel The Hitman, snapbackhatthat 2022-01-10
Flavor of the week hopes 2022 is truly a new year and not 2020, Too. 2021-12-28 236 - Flavor of the Year fresh03 2022-01-03
The Thyme Is Now And You'd Better Bay Leaf It's A Big Dill That Herbs Are The Flavor Of The Week. You Knew It Was Cumin. Don't Basilly And Blame Me, I'm Not The One Who Sage-Ested It. 2021-12-21 235 - Herbs ayce_K, isuamadog 2021-12-27
Are you Cocoa-nuts excited about this Flavor of the week? Or are we already too Hot Choco-late in the Season for it to not be a Swing and a Swiss Miss? 2021-12-14 234 - Cocoa Mixman 2021-12-20
Tobacco Mixers would be disoriented without this Flavor of the Week 2021-12-07 233 - Oriental Tobacco ayce_K, Winstead, isuamadog 2021-12-13
If we don't tell anyone what the Flavor of Week is, Does that make it FOTQ-Anon? 2021-11-30 232 - Flavor of the Quarter Hesherette, Mindfloodz 2021-12-06
Are you Bready to Crumble? If you want to Apple-solutely rock this Flavor of The week, you gotta keep your eyes on the Pies. 2021-11-23 231 - Apple Bakery Sanctum 2021-11-29
Yes, Oui are doing French Vanilla for the Flavor of The Week 2021-11-16 230 - French Vanilla Skitter 2021-11-22
Tried blending this one into the Flavor of The Week Schedule but Everyone Straw it coming, Apparently I'm not a smoothie Operator. 2021-11-09 229 - Smoothie Daniel The Hitman 2021-11-15
Ever syruptitiously look at a tree and think "I'd tap that?" Well then, this Flavor of the Week Could be your sappily ever after! 2021-11-02 228 - Maple Folkart 2021-11-08
Is this the Flavor of the Week of your Semisweet Dreams? Or one you don't think you'd like a Choco-lot? 2021-10-26 227 - Dark Chocolate Mixman 2021-11-01
Flavor of the Week, At your Sourvice! 2021-10-19 226 - Sour ConcretRiver, MsEmotion 2021-10-25
Aloe there, succas! You pricks ready to get stuck on another flavor of the week? 2021-10-12 225 - Cactus Daniel The Hitman 2021-10-18
Time for another flavor of the week? Well, that's just Grape! 2021-10-05 224 - Purple Grape MsEmotion 2021-10-11
Do you have Passionate Feelings about this Flavor of the Week? 2021-09-28 223 - Passionfruit Dragon Lady, Sanctum 2021-10-04
I have a Confection to make: I think Black Licorice as Flavor of the Week will be All Sorts of fun. 2021-09-21 222 - Licorice isuamadog, Kittybit8 2021-09-27
I'm in such a Pickle! Wasted too much time gherkin around and now Struggling to Come up A Vlasic Pun title for this Flavor of Week at the Minute makes me feel like I'm gonna Cuke! 2021-09-14 221 - Cucumber TeslaDelMar 2021-09-20
Trying to come up with A Title for this Flavor of The Week Post is KIWIng me! 2021-09-07 220 - Kiwi Capria, Fabrizio 2021-09-13
My Sixth sense tells me that I'm half crazy to not give up the whole idea of finding a pun for Flavor of the Quarter instead of just getting a Fifth of good bourbon and drinking my way to Seventh heaven 2021-08-31 210 - Flavor of the Quarter (Part 6) 2021-09-06
I know it's an Odd Topic, but this seems like a Prime Time to Announce Tobacco 5's and 7's as the flavor of the week 2021-08-24 218 - Tobacco Time: 5's & 7's Duncanyoyo1, Jennifer Winestead 2021-08-30
Apricot me without a Good Title for this Flavor of the Week Post 2021-08-17 217 - Apricot Skitter, Jennifer Winestead 2021-08-23
You butter believe even those who aren’t big bakery mixers will find this Flavor of the Week at least margarinely interesting 2021-08-10 216 - Butter Wolfwheeler, SaschaAlexandra 2021-08-16
I've got grape news for you if you like Fruity Flavors of The week! 2021-08-03 215 - Grapefruit SteveTC 2021-08-09
/u/Apexified is PLUM CRAZY for thinking his Flavor of the Week Post Would Get more Figgin Upvotes than Mine 2021-07-27 214 - Plum RinVapes, isuamadog, CheebaSteeba 2021-08-02
It’s not a FIGment of your imagination, /u/ID10-T asked me to post FOTW. I said “FIGeddaboudit it, I’ll FIGure something out.” 2021-07-20 213 - Fig DaveN2KL, Bubbasbrewz, ConcretRiver 2021-07-26
How has this not been the Flavor of The Week yet? Well, better Date than never! 2021-07-13 212 - Dates SaschaAlexandra, isuamadog 2021-07-19
Having such an entICING Flavor of the week is all Fondant and games until someone gets Quarantined for Spreading Confection 2021-07-06 211 - Icing/Frosting Darthy 2021-07-12
un-bee-lievable that honey is the Flavor of The Week. This one really Stings, but we shall Overcomb. 2021-06-29 210 - Honey SaschaAlexandra, isuamadog 2021-07-05
Coagulations! You found the Bloody Flavor of the Week thread! Your search was not in Vein. Orange you proud of yourself? 2021-06-22 209 - Blood Orange StardustCoyote, SteveTC 2021-06-28
Gimme some Flavor of The Week, baby! Let's sift though these Together. Both brown and White, We're ambidextrose. 2021-06-15 208 - Sugar Mindfloodz 2021-06-21
Are you so Excited about this Flavor of the Week That you can Burley Contain Yourselves? 2021-06-08 207 - Tobacco Time: Burley Foment_life 2021-06-14
We're just Flavor of the Quarter Horsing Around 2021-06-01 206 - Flavor of the Quarter fresh03 2021-06-07
Is it Dairy-ng to Post Whipped Cream As the Flavor of the Week? Maybe, but it's a Whisk I'm willing to take 2021-05-25 205 - Whipped Cream SaschaAlexandra 2021-05-31
Yo, This May be the Van Illest Week of Flavor of the Week's Month of Livin' Da Cream 2021-05-18 204 - Vanilla Cream SaschaAlexandra 2021-05-24
How sweet is this?! Another Flavor of The Week to make all your Creams come True! 2021-05-11 203 - Sweet Cream SaschaAlexandra 2021-05-17
I know what you're thinking: "How Dairy Do Vienna for Flavor of The Week!" But ask yourself, is it really so bad, in the Grand Cream of things? 2021-05-04 202 - Vienna Cream Jenn Winstead 2021-05-10
Is It Gender Discrimination To Cardamom And Not Cardadad? I Dunno, I'm Not a Lawyer, I'm Just The Guy Who Chais To Put A Latte Tea-Rrible Jokes Into The Flavor Of The Week Post Title 2021-04-27 201 - Cardamom & Chai ConcreteRiver 2021-05-03
Pining to branch outside of the poplar mainstreem? Does sprucing up the ol stAsh with ntreeguing, less rootine flavors give you a woody? Then, yew birches are in fir a treet with this Flavor of The Week! If not, that’s oakay, too. Just enjoy acorny title. 2021-04-20 200 - Wood Darthy 2021-04-26
Something must've gone a-rye for this to Be Flavor of The Week, but I knead at yeast some of you to go against the whole Grain and Rise to the occasion 2021-04-13 199 - Bread RinVapes 2021-04-19
Like some Jizz in your Fizz? Flavor of the Week SCreams SODA!!! 2021-04-06 198 - Cream Soda RainbowDragon 2021-04-12
Flavor of the week Bout to Tropic like it's Hot! We're going absolutely Coco-nuts! 2021-03-30 197 - Coconut isuamadog, Tarax 2021-04-05
Sometimes Flavor of the Week is enough to make a Mango Crazy! 2021-03-23 196 - Mango RainbowDragon, Skittermurf 2021-03-29
I wonder whether You'd like to play Flavor of the Quarter With Us 2021-03-16 195 - Flavor of the Quarter Mark Sr., SheerluckOhms 2021-03-22
You Rhubarbarians take Break from Investing in the Stalk Market and Don't be Tarty to the Flavor of the Week Thread! 2021-03-09 194 - Rhubarb Wolfwheeler, Nick Evans 2021-03-15
Hey Kebaby, This Flavor Of the Week should Be a Tobacco Lover's Delight, So let's talk Turkey 2021-03-02 193 - Turkish 2021-03-08
Cone-gratulations, you've found the place to get the Inside Scoop on a very cool Flavor of the Week! 2021-02-23 192 - Vanilla Ice Cream Folkart, Bubbasbrewz 2021-03-01
Don't be Sad! I didn't say Flavor of the Week was Dead and Buried, I said it was Red and Berried! 2021-02-16 191 - Red Raspberry fresh03 2021-02-22 Dixxle's Show Notes
You'd have to be mentally imPEARed to ignore this Flavor of the Week! 2021-02-09 190 - Pear 2021-02-15 Dixxle's Show Notes
I don't know about #GME, but this Flavor of the Week is a Sure Bet! 2021-02-02 189 - Sherbet/Sorbet TeslaDelMar 2021-02-08 Dixxle's Show Notes
If you liked this Flavor of the Week then you Shoulda Put a Meringue on it 2021-01-26 188 - Meringue Duncanyoyo1 2021-02-01 Dixxle's Show Notes
Are you bready for another Flavor of the Week? You Butter be, because here it Crumbs! 2021-01-19 187 - Toast TeslaDelMar 2021-01-25 Dixxle's Show Notes
Hope this flavor of the Week's inability to run off and get married doesn't leave you feeling Meloncholy 2021-01-12 186 - Cantaloupe SteveTC 2021-01-18 Dixxle's Show Notes
Tobacco Vapers: Flavor of the Week will never Desert You! 2021-01-05 185 - Tobacco Foment_life 2021-01-12 Dixxle's Show Notes
Flavor of the Week's hindsight is 2020! 2020-12-29 184 - Flavors of the Year fresh03 2021-01-05 Dixxle's Show Notes
Wood you stop Asking for such esoteric Flavors of The Week? This one is gonna be ruff 2020-12-22 183 - Woodruff isuamadog 2020-12-28 Dixxle's Show Notes

Flavor of the Week is Raisin Hell! This is gonna be a grape one!
182 - Raisin isuamadog 2020-12-21 Dixxle's Show Notes
Flavor of the Quarter's Back, Time to throw one Into the End Zone 2020-12-08 181 - FOTQ 3 EdibleMalfunction 2020-12-14 Dixxle's Show Notes
Not to be mallowdramatic, but I think we'll have a s'moregasbord of thoughts on this Flavor of the Week, it might even be too marsh of a good thing 2020-12-01 180 - Marshmallow fresh03 2020-12-07 Dixxle's Show Notes
Let’s use Brut force when we get fizzical with this Flavor of the Week 2020-11-24 179 - Champagne ConcreteRiver 2020-11-30 Dixxle's Show Notes
How did this wine-d up being the FOTW? Seems like a pour choice. Oh well, everything happens for a Riesling and you bet Shiraz we’ll stop and smell the Rosé 2020-11-17 178 - Wine eyeMsam 2020-11-23 Dixxle's Show Notes
Go ahead and Pepper this Flavor of the Week post with your Commints 2020-11-10 177 - Peppermint Hex 2020-11-16 Dixxle's Show Notes
Be ginger with this Breadly Serious Flavor of the Week 2020-11-03 176 - Gingerbread Rugly 2020-11-09 Dixxle's Show Notes
Why bury your Treasures when you CRAN treasure your Berries with this Flavor of the week? 2020-10-27 175 - Cranberry ConcreteRiver 2020-11-02 Dixxle's Show Notes
I'm not punkin you, this really is the flavor of the Week, and it's a Gourd one! 2020-10-20 174 - Pumpkin fresh03 2020-10-26 Dixxle's Show Notes
Stop what you're Dewing and check out what's 7up with this Spritely Flavor of the Week! 2020-10-13 173 - Citrus Sodas TeslaDelMar 2020-10-19 Dixxle's Show Notes
If you get your Kix by giving Honey Smacks, you'll bust a Nut with this Cheeri-o Flavor of The Week! 2020-10-06 172 - Non-Fruity Cereal Skittersmurf 2020-10-12 Dixxle's Show Notes
Hope you have some Trix to share with Flavor of the Week because it’s Berry Crunch time and trying to figure out how to make some of these flavors work is Cerealously Toucan fusing, Pebbles! 2020-09-29 171 - Fruity Cereal Duncanyoyo1 2020-10-05 Dixxle's Show Notes
When you aRose this morning to check out Flavor of the Week, did you think, "I Betty White's a great title for this one?" 2020-09-22 170 - Rose ConcreteRiver 2020-09-28 Dixxle's Show Notes
I tried my raspberry best to make this Flavor of the week title funny, but all the sad attempts just left me feeling blue :( 2020-09-15 169 - Blue Raspberry Rugly 2020-09-21 Dixxle's Show Notes
Flavor of the Week is out of CONE-trol! 2020-09-08 168 - Cones eyeMsam 2020-09-14 Dixxle's Show Notes
Don't dessert Flavor of The Week during Tobacco Time! 2020-09-01 167 - Sweet Tobaccos Foment_life 2020-09-07 Dixxle's Show Notes
you don't want to be ChocoLATE to a flavor of the week this Choc full of fun! 2020-08-25 166 - Milk Chocolate Folkart 2020-08-31 Dixxle's Show Notes
Cheese the day and find out which Flavor of the Week takes the cake! 2020-08-18 165 - Cheesecake eyeMsam 2020-08-24 Dixxle's Show Notes
Here's a Flavor of The Quarter, Call someone Who Cares 2020-08-11 164 - FOTQ 2 2020-08-17 Dixxle's Show Notes
Check out this “Breakfast Breads” Flavor of the Week! Wheat love for you to join us, in fact FOTW would be muffin without you. 2020-08-04 163 - Breakfast Breads Humanpuck 2020-08-10 Dixxle's Show Notes

Which of these concentrates are a Piece of pancake to use? Which can be a pain perdu in the Butt? And which are just Plain waffle? Flavor of the week Sorts out Syrup Delivery Systems.
2020-07-28 162 - Syrup Holders Foment_life, isuamadog, HumanPuck, TeslaDelMar 2020-08-03 Dixxle's Show Notes, Show Notes
Don't make me drag you into this Flavor of the Week thread Kicking and Creaming! That would be Udderly Barbarian. Let's all do our dairy best to come together and contribute. 2020-07-21 161 - Bavarian Cream fresh03 2020-07-27 Show Notes
I was told to use only one pun per Flavor of the Week to keep people from losing their rinds, but I think that's just someone being melondramatic. And even if it's not, water you gonna do about it? 2020-07-14 160 - Watermelon Kittybit8, UnappreciatedRobot, isuamadog, & TeslaDelMar 2020-07-20 Show Notes
if I just didn't post this Flavor of the Week, Would you say FOTW is AWOL nut? 2020-07-07 159 - Walnut Duncanyoyo1 2020-07-13 Show Notes
Bongjour! You’re not ganja believe this, but I’ll just be blunt: Mary Jane is the Flavor of the Week. Can we do That? Yes We Cannabis! So don’t be a stick in the bud or take it for planted. If we make it a joint effort, I have high expectations that we could hit the jack pot! 2020-06-30 158 - Mary Jane Hex 2020-07-06 Show Notes
Even if this Flavor of the Week isn’t St-Germain to your mixing priorities, let’s all respect our Elderflowers and keep our comments cordial 2020-06-23 157 - Elderflower ConcreteRiver 2020-06-29 Show Notes
Feelin kinda Crumby? Maybe this Flavor of the Week will Bake your day a little butter. 2020-06-16 156 - Cookies RainbowDragon 2020-06-22 Show Notes
Werther's you like it or Not, Caramel is the Flavor of the Week! 2020-06-09 155 - Caramel Folkart 2020-06-15 Show Notes
Hello all you Brew-tea-full People! It's time to get this Flavor of the week Par-tea started! 2020-06-02 154 - Tea (Part 1 - Part 2) Kittybit8, Hex, Foment_life, TeslaDelMar 2020-06-08 Show Notes
If you Pour this Flavor of the Week in a square Glass, Don't drink and derive 2020-05-26 153 - Root Beer Mr Burgandy 2020-06-01 Show Notes
This flavor of the Week makes no sense but they all make scents, Can you give any a tasty-monial? 2020-05-19 152 - Nonsense Names (Part 1 - Part 2) Hex 2020-05-25
Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Tobacco Time and Flavor of the Week is purring about Meowica! 2020-05-12 151 - American Tobacco isuamadog 2020-05-18
If you make a grade-A recipe with this Flavor of the Week, we can praise your macadamic achievement! 2020-05-05 150 - Macadamia Nut eyeMsam 2020-05-11 Show Notes
I'm nuttelling you what the Flavor of the Week is until you ask Nicely 2020-04-28 149 - Hazelnut Foment_life 2020-05-04 Show Notes
Does it make Cents for the Flavor of the Week to be the Flavor of the Quarter? 2020-04-21 148 - Flavors of the Quarter fresh03 2020-04-27 Show Notes
Whether you're already strong and Gindependent or merely thinking of renewing your Gin Membership, you might want to Let the good Times Be Gin with this Flavor of the Week 2020-04-14 147 - Gin isuamadog 2020-04-20 Show Notes
Applepalooza? Applecalypse? I appleogize for not being able to come up with a better name for this Flavor of The Week 2020-04-07 146 - Applepalooza UnappreciatedRobot 2020-04-13 Show Notes
is granny Smith the Apple of Your Eye? Then we couldn't have Picked a better Flavor of the Week for you. 2020-03-31 145 - Green Apple UnappreciatedRobot 2020-04-06 Show Notes
I'm not apple-ling your leg, Flavor of the Week really is going Hard Core 2020-03-24 144 - Red Apple UnappreciatedRobot 2020-03-30 Show Notes
My Advice in a Nutshell? Keep calmond Check out the Flavor of the week, you Nuts. 2020-03-17 143 - Almond RainbowDragon 2020-03-23 Show Notes
Toffee is Flavor of the Week? SKOR!!! 2020-03-10 142 - Toffee fresh03 2020-03-16 Show Notes
This Flavor of the Week is Sodalightful it might violate the laws of Fizzics 2020-03-03 141 - Cola Kittybit8 2020-03-09 Show Notes
It's gum believable that you'd Chews this for Flavor Of the Week! 2020-02-25 140 - Bubble Gum Hex 2020-03-02 Show Notes
Gummy candy has wormed its way back into Being Flavor of the Week, We'll just have to grin and Bear it 2020-02-18 139 - Gummy Candy Foment_life 2020-03-24 Show Notes
It might have been whiskey business making this the FOTW, I think it was worth a shot 2020-02-11 138 - Bourbon, Whiskey & Irish Cream Foment_life 2020-02-17 Show Notes
Flavor of the Week has gone BANANAS! 2020-02-05 137 - Banana UnappreciatedRobot 2020-02-10 Show Notes
Often this flavor of The Week is the Pits but sometimes it Pops: CHERRY!!! 2020-01-28 136 - Cherry Foment_life 2020-02-03 Show Notes
Fruta Bomba is blowing up as Flavor of the Week! 2020-01-21 135 - Papaya Mr Burgandy 2020-01-27 Show Notes
Maybe it's Pithetic, but I have such strong Peelings about Orange being Flavor of the Week that I can't Concentrate 2020-01-14 134 - Oranges ConcreteRiver 2020-01-20 Show Notes
Flavor of the Week Asks: Is Halle still the hottest Black Berry? 2020-01-07 133 - Blackberry ConcreteRiver 2020-01-13 Show Notes
FOT...Y? Flavor of the week Celebrates the Start of 2020 with a little Hindsight 2019-12-31 132 - Flavors of the Year fresh03 2020-01-06 Show Notes
What's the difference between Jam and The Flavor of the Week? .... None! Jam IS the FOTW. 2019-12-24 131 - Jam & Jelly Kittybit8 2019-12-30 Show Notes
Are you cool with Blessed Trinities being Flavor of the week or does it make you faith palm? 2019-12-17 130 - Blessed Trinities isuamadog 2019-12-23 Show Notes
Flavor of the Week is Grape again and Seedless to say, I couldn't be more Grapeful! Thanks a Bunch! 2019-12-10 129 - Grape Foment_life 2019-12-16 Show Notes
Come share your Philsoursopy on Custard Apples With Flavor of the Week! 2019-12-03 128 - Custard Apples Foment_life 2019-12-09 Show Notes
Can a strong Currant pull you in to this Flavor of the Week? 2019-11-26 127 - Currants ConcreteRiver 2019-12-02 Show Notes
has Flavor of the Week Tart you Anything eggcellent about Mixing? 2019-11-19 126 - Far East-brand Custards Kittybit8 2019-11-25 Show Notes
Who's ready for another Flan-tastic Flavor of the Week? 2019-11-12 125 - Old World Custard Branks Kittybit8 2019-11-18 Show Notes
one day the pun Patrol is gonna put me in Custardy for these titles. but in the meantime, enjoy another Flavor of the Week! 2019-11-05 124 - New World Custard Brands fresh03 2019-11-11 Show Notes
What's not to Lava about this Flavor of the Week: CHOCOLATE CAKE! 2019-10-29 123 - Chocolate Cake AlfredPudding 2019-11-04 Show Notes
Is angel food your little Slice of Heaven? Then you'll want to check out this Cake-ass Flavor of the Week: Sponge & Fluffy Cakes! 2019-10-22 122 - Sponge & Fluffy Cakes fresh03 2019-10-28 Show Notes
You know you wanna Piece of this Flavor of the Week: pound & Butter Cake! 2019-10-15 121 - Pound/Butter Cake fresh03 2019-10-21 Show Notes
It twizz ofishally time for these To be the Flavors of the Week: Red Licorice & Swedish Fish 2019-10-08 120 - Red Licorice & Swedish Fish Mr Burgandy 2019-10-14 Show Notes
Can you eggheads wrap your Noggins around this Flavor of the Week? 2019-10-01 119 - Eggnog ConcreteRiver 2019-10-07 Show Notes
Let's see what you Smartie Pants come up with for this Flavor of the Week: Sugary Candy! 2019-09-24 118 - Sugar Candy Graham Digital 2019-09-30 Show Notes
We can have a Monsterously good Time Mixing like RockStars with this Flavor of the Week, and that's no Red Bullshit!! 2019-09-17 117 - Energy Drinks 2019-09-23 Show Notes
It would make miso happy udon even know if we could dim sum lights and spend Koalaty Time with this Flavor of the Week: Far East-Brand Strawberries! 2019-09-10 116 - Far East Strawberries Folkart 2019-09-16 Show Notes
How can EU not love Flavor of the Week's Berry Extravaganza part 2: Old-World Brand Strawberries?! 2019-09-03 115 - Old World Strawberries Kittybit8 2019-09-09 Show Notes
Flavor of the Week's Berry Special Extravaganza starts Strawng with North American Brand Strawberries 2019-08-27 114 - New World Strawberries fresh03 2019-09-02 Show Notes
It's about time the Flavor of the Week was also bed for baby Gorillas: APRICOT! 2019-08-20 113 - Apricot Kindground 2019-08-26 Show Notes
I'll be eternally grapefruit for your Input on this Flavor of the Week! 2019-08-13 112 - Grapefruit ConcreteRiver 2019-08-19 Show Notes
Here's your lycheesy title: can you belitchi it's been four years since this was last flavor of the Week? 2019-08-06 111 - Lychee Foment_life 2019-08-12 Show Notes
Funny Title to help with Dragon your Butts in Here for the flavor of the Week: Pitaya! 2019-07-30 110 - Dragon Fruit foment_life & AlfredPudding 2019-08-05 Show Notes
Cucumber is Flavor of the Week, Dill with it! 2019-07-23 109 - Cucumber RinVapes 2019-07-29 Show Notes
Thanks for Pudding up with these Flavor of the Week titles 2019-07-16 108 - Pudding 2019-07-22 Show Notes
Hope you weren't Counting on a Flavor of the Week Pun title, I'm Taking a break from my Usual Cinnamon shtick 2019-07-09 107 - Cinnamon Mr Burgandy 2019-07-15 Show Notes
If you guavatate toward tropical fruit flavors, Check Out this Flavor of the Week: GUAVA!!! 2019-07-02 106 - Guava Jenn W 2019-07-08 Show Notes
Flavor of the Week's advice: say something Rice horchata the hell up! 2019-06-25 105 - Rice & Horchata Kittybit8 2019-07-01 Show Notes
FOTWIf you passed on Passionfruit in the Past, Don't miss this Flavor of The Week!!! 2019-06-18 104 - Passionfruit ConcreteRiver 2019-06-24 Show Notes
Flavor of the Week Giving it a shot and Shaking Up something exSTRAW special: Mixed Drinks!!! 2019-06-11 103 - Mixed Drinks AlfredPudding & ConcreteRiver 2019-06-15
Dole out some time Flavor of the Week and you might find your Pineapple-y Ever After 2019-06-04 102 - Pineapple Mr Burgandy 2019-06-10 Show Notes
Let's tackle this Flavor of the Week with A plum! 2019-05-28 101 - Plum fresh03 2019-06-03 Show Notes
I can't bay Leaf spices are Flavor of The Week! 2019-05-21 "100" - Spices & Special AlfredPudding's Highlight Reel 2019-05-27 Show Notes
Flavor of the Week's motto of the week: Licorice in the Front, Pokerish in the Anise! 2019-05-14 100 - Black Licorice & Anise ConcreteRiver & Kopel 2019-05-20 Show Notes
I walnut be happy if I Cashew Skipping Flavor of the Week's Shellebration of Nuts! 2019-05-07 99 - Mixed Nuts & Nut Mixes KrisWk 2019-05-13 Show Notes
A question I mustachio: Are you ready for the Flavor of the Week to Be Pistachio? 2019-04-30 98 - Pistachio Folkart 2019-05-06 Show Notes
You butter put away your Michael Jackson memes and pop in to check out this amaizeing Flavor of the Week: Popcorn! 2019-04-23 97 - Popcorn AlfredPudding 2019-04-29 Show Notes
Whether or Knott’s it’s you boys’ berry flavorite, you might want to think about how to jam this flavor of the week into your mixes: Boysenberry! 2019-04-16 96 - BOYS-N-BERRY Kindground 2019-04-22 Show Notes
Holey Moly, donut just glaze over this Flavor of the week! This is anecdoughtal, but I heard you'd have to be a weirdough not to check it out. I declair, it should be Jam-packed. 2019-04-09 95 - Doughnuts RinVapes 2019-04-15 Show Notes
Are you a Sucker for Hard Candy? Then this Flavor of the week should make you a Jolly Rancher! 2019-04-02 94 - Candy AlfredPudding 2019-04-08 Show Notes
You guys are the Zest seriously. for making Lemon Flavor of the Week! 2019-03-26 93 - Lemons Again Kindground 2019-04-01 Show Notes
I have high expectasians for this Flavor of the Week: Asian Tobaccos 2019-03-19 92 - Asian Tobaccos Fear & ChemicalBurnVictim 2019-03-25 Show Notes
I have not Dun a hill Areas title but here's your Flavor of the week: European Brand Tobaccos 2019-03-12 91 - European Tobaccos Fear & ChemicalBurnVictim 2019-03-18 Show Notes
Show your Spirit and Come to Where the Flavor Is. American Tobacco is Flavor of the Week! 2019-03-05 90 - American Tobacco Fear, Jerry & ChemicalBurnVictim 2019-03-11 Show Notes
Don't take this Flavor of the Week for Pomegranate!!! 2019-02-26 89 - Pomegranate MrBurgundy 2019-03-04 Show Notes
It's a brew-tiful Day to Announce Coffee as flavor of the week!!! 2019-02-19 88 - Coffee 2019-02-25 Show Notes
May have to take advice about these with a Granola Salt, but take some time Oat for this Flavor of the Week: Oatmeal and Granola! 2019-02-12 87 - Oatmeal & Granola KrisWk 2019-02-18 Show Notes
Are you a Chocolate Chip off the Block? Do Thin Mints prove you aren't what you Eat? Does This Flavor Of The Week Have The Right Double Stuff? CHOCOLATE COOKIES!!!! 2019-02-05 86 - Chocolate Cookies Folkart 2019-02-11 Show Notes
A Dairy Good Flavor of the Week For you More Cultured Mixers: YOGURT! 2019-01-29 85 - Yogurt fresh03 2019-02-04 Show Notes
Move Oolong, Nothing to Tea here, just another Flavor of the Week 2019-01-22 84 - Teas RinVapes 2019-01-28 Show Notes
A Flavor of the Week that includes Meat? This will be the wurst: SAVORY!! 2019-01-15 83 - Savory AlfredPudding 2019-01-21 Show Notes
You sure know how to pick 'Em, This could be one of the Berry Best flavors of the week: Blueberry! 2019-01-08 82 - Blueberry Kindground 2019-01-14 Show Notes
Let's go rooting around in this A&Wesome Flavor of the Week: ROOT BEER!!! 2019-01-02 81 - Root Beer Dr Doobie 2019-01-07 Show Notes
Flavor of the ... Year? 2019 is almost here! 2018-12-26
A Happy Holiday Flavor of the Week: Christmas 2018-12-18 Santa
A berry Odd Flavor of the week: Blends and oddities! 2018-12-11 80 - Berry Blends KrisWk 2018-12-17 Show Notes
How about a nice Hawaiian Flavor of the Week? Tropical Punch/Tropical Blends! 2018-12-04 79 - Tropical 2018-12-10 Show Notes
It's About Thyme Herbs were flavor of the week again 2018-11-27 78 - Herbs ConcreteRiver 2018-12-03 Show Notes
If you scream then I'll scream a pun about Flavor of the week being Ice Cream. 2018-11-20 77 - Ice Cream Jairy 2018-11-26
Florals are the Flavor of the Week! If you've botany, tell us about them! 2018-11-13 76 - Florals Kopel & ConcreteRiver 2018-11-19
Don't pick on me for the way I say this Flavor of the Week: PECAN! 2018-11-06 75 - Pecan MrBurgundy 2018-11-12
Of Course Cocoa bean Tardy for the flavor of the Week, It's ChocoLATE! 2018-10-30 74 - Chocolate ConcreteRiver 2018-11-05
Sweet Creamy Flavor of the Week: WHITE CHOCOLATE! 2018-10-23 73 - White Chocolate Jbird 2018-10-29
A Chewy Flavor of the Week that Costs an Almond a leg: NOUGAT! 2018-10-16 72 - Nougat 2018-10-22
Perhaps Flavor of the Week *could* interest you in... Another Butterscotch Candy? 2018-10-09 71 - Butterscotch 2018-10-15
Kiwi go again: The fuzzy Fruit returns as Flavor of the Week 2018-10-02 70 - Kiwi ConcreteRiver 2018-10-08
Flavor of the Week Asks: What's the crème de la crème of Creams? 2018-09-25 69 - Domestic Creams RinVapes 2018-10-01
Flavor of The Week takes a creamy Tour of Europe 2017-09-18 68 - Euro Creams MaxSavage 2018-09-24
Break through the Crust and Get to the moist part of this Flavor of the Week: Crème brûlée! 2018-09-11 67 - Crème brûlée MrBurgundy 2018-09-17
Have you been experiminting with this flavor of the Week? Then now is your momint. It's ok if you pepper mint jokes throughout your commints, just make them fresh and minteresting. 2018-09-04 66 - Mint ConcreteRiver
this flavor of the week could be your Main Squeeze: LEMONADE! 2018-08-28 65 - Lemonade KrisWk 2018-09-03
Hope this Flavor of the Week will bake your Day a Little Better: COOKIES & BISCUITS 2018-08-21 64 - Sugar Cookies & Biscuits DJmills 2018-08-27
I yam who I Yam, Ube you: Flavor of the Week Goes back to its Roots 2018-08-14 63 - Yam/Ube/Taro fresh03, Leilani, Slasha 2018-08-20
A flavor of the Week that's Better off Spread: PEANUT BUTTER!!! 2018-08-07 62 - Peanut Butter Jerry 2018-08-13
Sometimes this flavor of the week is apollen but sometimes it can bee quite nice: HONEY!!! 2018-07-31 61 - Honey skiddlzninja 2018-08-06
Caramel, Vanilla, Tobacco. The Flavor of the week that Gives U More: RY4!!! 2018-07-24 60 - RY4 Wayne 2018-07-30
A Flavor of the Week that'll cure what Ales you: GINGER!!! 2018-07-17 59 - Ginger Loonicorn 2018-07-23
It's time for the most Mango nificient Flavor of the Week! 2018-07-10 58 - Mango Shyndo 2018-07-16
So excited about this Flavor of the Week I cranberry contain it!!! 2018-07-03 57 - Cranberry ConcreteRiver 2018-07-09
It's imPEARative that you check out this flavor of the Week! 2018-06-26 56 - Pears 2018-07-02
This Flavor of the Week was a Pour Decision: Distilled Spirits! 2018-06-19 55 - Liquor and Booze ConcreteRiver 2018-06-25
Chill out with Flavor of The Week: Menthol and Coolants 2018-06-12 54 - Coolants ConcreteRiver 2018-06-18
Red up on Watermelon? It's the Flavor of the Week! 2018-06-05 53 - Watermelon RinVapes 2018-06-11
Honeydew you think I'd Forget to Post the Flavor of the Week? 2018-05-29 52 - Honeydew Fear 2018-06-04 Show Notes
A flavor of the Week that's One in A Melon: Cantaloupe! 2018-05-22 51 - Cantaloupe 2018-05-28
It's /u/juthinc's Vision of Hell: Vanilla as Flavor of The week 2018-05-15 50 - Vanilla ConcreteRiver 2018-05-21
A cinna-yum Flavor of The Week: Cinnamon pastries! 2018-05-08 49 - Cinnamon Pastries MrBurgundy 2018-05-14
Someone wanted SWEETENERS to be the Flavor of the Week. I think that's a splenda idea! 2018-05-01 48 - Sweeteners 2018-05-07
Breaking News: Seedy flavor of week charged with Briberry and Roberry! (Red Raspberry) 2018-04-24 47 - Red Raspberry ConcreteRiver 2018-04-30
Rather than make a pitiful pun Title, I'll just post the Flavor of the Week: PEACH! 2018-04-17 46 - Peaches Iron Throat AKA Shyndo 2018-04-23
Hope this flavor of the week cuts the mustard: It's CUSTARD! 2018-04-10 45 - Custard Wayne 2018-04-16
Flavor of the Week is Going In Raw: Cookie Dough & Cake Batter!!! 2018-04-03 44 - Cookie Dough Kopel 2018-04-09 Show Notes
You Coconut be Serious, Another Flavor of the Week? 2018-03-27 43 - Coconut DJmills 2018-04-02 Flavors Mentioned
Pie Crust in time for Flavor of the Week, you can even post on Insta-Graham Cracker about it. 2018-03-20 42 - Graham Cracker & Pie Crust 2018-03-26 Show Notes
Hope you like this Flavor of the Week a Latte: COFFEE!!! 2018-03-13 41 - Coffee Graham 2018-03-19 Show Notes
Sweet Dreams are made of Cheesecake. And it's the Flavor of the Week! 2018-03-06 40 - Cheesecake Folkart 2018-03-12
Orange you glad we have Flavor of the Week? 2018-02-27 39 - Oranges 2018-03-05 Show Notes
I want you to Know you're Special, K? And that the Flavor of the Week is: CEREAL!!! 2018-02-20 38 - Cereal Vapes! MrBurgundy 2018-02-26 Recipes Mentioned
A flavor of Week for all you Romeos & Juliets (or Romeos and Julios): LOVE 2018-02-13
Blimey! It's time for another flavor of the Week: LIME!!! 2018-02-06 37 - LIMES ConcreteRiver 2018-02-19 Show Notes
I don't care-a-mel if you say car-mel or car-mool, it's still the flavor of the Week: CARAMEL! 2018-01-30 36 - Caramel Folkart 2018-02-12 Flavors Mentioned
Good God, Lemon! You're the Flavor of Week! 2018-01-23 35 - Lemons! RinVapes 2018-02-05
Gummi A break, it's hard coming up with these Titles Every Week. The Flavor is: Gummy Candy! 2018-01-16 34 - Gummy Candy Fear 2018-01-29
FOTWThis Flavor of the week is Poppin': CHERRIES!!! 2018-01-09 33 - Cherry 2018-01-22
Hope this Flavor of the Week isn't a Dud: MILK!!! 2018-01-02 32 - Milk 2018-01-15
Flavor Of the Week is Going Green: Vegetals!!! 2017-12-26 31 - Veggies ConcreteRiver & Kopel 2017-01-08
A Happy Holidays Flavor of The Week: Christmas!!! 2017-12-19
This Flavor of the Week is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! 2017-12-12 30 - Banana matthewkocanda 2017-12-18
Some dairy tasty flavors of the week: Butter & Whipped Cream! 2017-12-05 29 - Whipped Cream & Butter DJmills 2017-12-11
It's the flavor of the week, not a Sad Bronx Cheer: Blue Raspberry! 2017-11-28 28 - Blue Raspberry 2017-12-04
Gettin' Figgy with Flavor of the Week: FIG! 2017-11-21 27 - Fig ConcreteRiver 2017-11-27
What sap with this flavor of the week: MAPLE! 2017-11-14 26 - Maple MrBurgundy 2017-11-20
Many ways to enjoy this flavor of the week, But I think it's better off Spread: HAZELNUT!!! 2017-11-07 25 - Hazelnut matthewkocanda 2017-11-13
Let them Eat the flavor of the Week: CAKE!!! 2017-10-31 24 - Cakes ConcreteRiver & DJmills 2017-11-06
A flavor of the Week that's in Pour Taste: CHAMPAGNE! 2017-10-24 23 - Champagne RinVapes & Left Shark 2017-10-20
How about another fall fruit Flavor of the Week? Persimmon! 2017-10-17 22 - Persimmon&Pom SlashaLO 2017-10-23
It's a gourd time for this Flavor of the Week: PUMPKIN! 2017-10-10 21 - Pumpkin! 2017-10-16
Want S'more info about a mellow flavor of the Week? Check out: MARSHMALLOWS!!! 2017-10-03 20 - Marshmallows Queuetue 2017-10-09 Show Notes
Lighten up and take a look at this Flavor of the Week: Tobacco Additives 2017-09-26 19 - Tobacco Additives ChemicalBurnVictim 2017-10-02
Non-Aromatic Tobacco Flavor of the Week? You betta be-Leaf it! 2017-09-19 18 - Non-Aromatic Tobacco Fear & ConcreteRiver 2017-09-25
Pipe down and check out this Flavor of the Week: Aromatic Tobaccos 2017-09-12 17 - Aromatic Tobacco Fear 2017-09-18
PICKLES! The Flavor of the Week is Pi...no, I'm kidding, it's: APPLES! 2017-09-05 16 - Apple! ConcreteRiver 2017-09-11
Don't take this flavor of the week for granite, some of these Bases Rock: STONES 2017-08-29 15 - Stones/Bases Wayne & Ckemist 2017-09-04
I'm sorry my Waffle Flavor of the Week titles give some of you the Crepes! 2017-08-22 14 - Waffles/Pancakes 2017-08-29
Flavor of the Week, aka what I do in the shower: Icing! 2017-08-15 13 - Frosting/Icing Wayne & thadentman 2017-08-21
Take a dragon these Flavors of the Week, Jack 2017-08-08 12 - Exotic Tropicals HashSlingingSlashur 2017-08-14
No nutty Pun, just a Flavor of the Week: Almond and Such. 2017-08-01 11 - Almond skiddlzninja 2017-08-07
These Flavors of the Week might be going against the Grain: Oats, Rice, Wheat. 2017-07-25 10 - Oats and Grains skiddlzninja 2017-07-31
Flavor of the Week is doing Coke! 2017-07-18 9 - Soda Kopel 2017-07-24
Strawberries. If you can taste 'em, tell Flavor of the Week about your Flavorite. 2017-07-11 8 - Strawberry Wayne 2017-07-17 Transcribed Notes
a Peony for your thoughts about this Flavor of the week: FLORALS! 2017-07-04 7 - Florals Kopel 2017-07-10
Lovers watermelon and Honeydew are sad because they Cantaloupe, maybe making MELON Flavor of the Week will cheer them up? 2017-06-27 6 - Melons! 2017-07-03
What did we Chews for flavor of the week? Bubblegum!!! 2017-06-20 5 - Bubblegum MattDGTL 2017-06-26
Check out this Brain-Freezing flavor of the week: Slushy! 2017-06-13 4 - Slushy ConcreteRiver 2017-06-19
Participation is Lagging lately. it's time to Make Flavor of the week Grape Again 2017-06-06 3 - Grape! Philosaphucker 2017-06-12
Sweet milky Flavor of the Week! It's Dulce de Leche! 2017-05-30 2 - Dulce de Leche skiddlzninja 2017-06-05
Sheesh, what a Strange flavor of the Week: Shisha! 2017-05-23 1 - Shisha skiddlzninja 2017-05-29