Flavor Review Friday - FLV Mild Tobacco

FLV Mild Tobacco


Setup: mtl STNG 0.7 Ohm 2.0 ID 28/40 clapton 28.5W

nose: golden almost burnt caramel and hints of bourbon, IOW it smells fucking delicious

Description: 2.5% - At 4 days, I'm getting a really strong caramel note. Like this for me is the perfect RY4. Meaning, it is the caramel + tobacco that I really want. This has it both already mixed. Normally I would hate this kind of mixed flavor because I could do better myself but, in this case, it's lovely. Golden caramel smoothness with a light bacco finish. I love this. I heard this one is a steeper but I'm not believing it. I can't wait to see how this one steeps out. I can totally see this paired with apple and I know it will work because I tried it before (see Pairing Ideas below).

At 7 days, I'm still getting that golden caramel on the inhale. It's a little hard to describe because it is very well blended into the flavor. It reminds me of the flavor of the caramel on a candy apple without all the tackiness in the texture and more of in how it wraps this genuinely mild tobacco in a wrapper of golden goodness. It's way less musky of a flavor than sweet cigarette but that's the most relatable flavor I can compare it to. Mild Tobacco has hints of earthiness with moments of almost woody, almost oaky, but it never quite goes there. I'd say it's 60 caramel/40 bacco and both kinda toned down a bit, neither one being an aggressive flavor. This is definitely a marriage or respectful partners. I could totally and completely see folks using this as a standalone without question. Due to its relatively neutral presence in any one category -- tobacco, sweet, caramel, woodiness -- I see no reason why this flavor couldn't bear the brunt of a real nice mellow introductory tobacco vape. You could amplify any one aspect of all of these into something that was unique and yet hit all your spots. A dash of bacco here, caramel there, burnt notes, apple or fruit, a bit of nut, creaminess, etc. This is I think one of the best Flavorah flavors to be released for this universal appeal and I expect you will see it kind of crop up in quite a few recipes over time.

My other relatable flavor would be HS RY1. HS RY1 is a nearly perfect flavor to me in that it has complexity enough to drive a recipe at lower percentage by itself or can be bumped up a bit to play nice and fill out some other recipes while adding a bit of sweetness and complexity. FLV Mild can do exactly that if not more distinctly, in a way that I suspect no one will ever complain about. Lacking a definite tobacco note leaves this flavor up to the imagination of the mixer for where to take it next.

I'd heard this one is a steeper and I could wait this one out for another week to see where it goes. I have, before, had it over the course of a two month steep. I'll say that I find the flavor at 7 days is pretty much what it will be for the duration of the steep. If it is mixed with other flavors that benefit from a longer steep, great. I think at 7 days you are getting the beginnings of the more or less stable version of the concentrate.

Suggested percent: 2.5% seems to push this to the limit of where I might want it. I'd say as a stronger note or to pull nearly most of the weight in a recipe, I still wouldnt go over 2, I think. At 2.5 MTL, I was at the limit of where the notes appeared to start to stretch into 'too much' territory with a wee hint of sharpness every so often. In a mix, I'd probably stick with 1-1.5 because I would probably be using it for its strengths and can't see myself not wanting a decent amount of that pulling the bulk of the weight of several flavors all at once.

Pairing ideas: When I first vaped this, it screamed apple to me. It got a solid spot in my Prapple Bacco 2021 recipe I made playing off of fear's original Prapple recipe. I literally can see this being used 100% in place of anywhere where FLV Sweet Cig might have been used. (RIP SwCig) Feature at 2 and just accent it with whatever you like. I mean, it's so mild I can kinda see it going with literally anything.


ATF: 14 DIY Public Recipes / Used in 136 private recipes at an average of 1.573%.

ELR: Public Recipes: 20 / Average mixing quantity: 1.4% (Median: 1%)

Existing Recipes:

Prapple Bacco 2021

This was a fun one to make. I used Mild in place of Sweet Cigarette. Mild was just a better, more complex, less musky version of Sw Cig.

% Vendor Flavor
3 FA Apple Fuji
2 WF Caramel (Salted)
1 FLV Mild Tobacco
4 FW Pralines & Cream
1.25 MB Shape Up Pear
0.75 FLV Sweet and Smokey Tobacco
2 FLV Turkish Tobacco

If you like that one and yet want to try something different, u/TeslaDelMar has got you, fam. He took the tobacco layer and made the apple layer his own in:

Starkonja's Head - Apple Tobacco

The idea for this mix was a red apple tobacco. It's brighter and more juicy than a shisha/molasses take on apple tobacco.

% Vendor Flavor
1 FLV Mild Tobacco
1 FLV Red Apple
1.75 FA Stark Apple
0.5 FLV Sweet and Smokey Tobacco
1.75 FLV Turkish Tobacco
0.75 INW Two Apples

I've had the privilege of trying this mix thanks to Tesla (always missing one flavor) and I can attest it is lovely. If the nuttiness in my version is a distraction to you, Tesla has you covered. The apples he used work really well to make a solid red that plays with those baccos in harmony. Also, this is a great example of how to adapt a recipe to your own tastes. Stealing is only borrowing without giving due credit!

There's a series of mixes made by u/Chainvapor that look interesting to me. You can tell these grew organically and seem to indicate a passion for the profile. I would mix any one of these:

  1. Mild 555
  2. The Bacco you want
  3. Bob's Bacco

Second Opinions:
Flavor of the Quarter ft. Fresh03 | Noted: Ep. 206
u/ID10-T warns the newer FLV baccos need to be used at 3% for all the notes they present and "greatly benefit" from a steep (with vanilla not as much). Also, ID notes that there's a bit of an ammonia taste off-note that steeps out of Mild Tobacco at 2 weeks.

ELR user Frunkster writes:

Pre Warning – this is pretty strong / potent stuff, take the mild in the title with a pinch of slat.

This is a really good tobacco flavouring IMO, I would not go as far as calling it mild in terms of the strength & forward nature of the tobacco in it, more a mild blonde tobacco if that makes sense? Sort of like a blonde Vagina [sic] but with more depth of flavour, almost in to being mildly ashy but more like a smokey notes than ash TBF, the tobacco very much leads but is softened & sophisticated by the accompanied middle ground caramel taste, by middle ground I mean it's not leaning to far towards being creamy or buttery & not leaning to far in the dark caramelized notes, like the tobacco itself it's very much mild & mellow yet bold enough to be perceived well, it's RY4esk [sic] but very much more tobacco heavy & does not have any creamy or nutty notes to it, seems to be pretty complex & there's no mistaking it as a fairly full on tobacco, it's mildly bitter & very tobacco authentic.

It will no doubt be a good flavouring to mix with as it's bolt & full of character, but I can see it being quite the bully so care will be needed if blending this with other flavours. Additional – the aftertaste really does linger, like after smoking real tobacco. % tested @ - 1

ELR user Steph Abbs writes:

At 1% shake and vape - indeed a pleasant mild tobacco with caramel. After 4 weeks, wow, it’s not so mild, a full on cigarette taste for me, with very background caramel. I agree with Frunkster’s notes, particularly the after taste, and reckon this would work wonders in a baccy biscuit mix. Update: After about two and half months steep: it’s calmed down to a very palatable dry tobacco with caramel very much in the background, a good late night vape but a little ‘thin’ for my taste (which is more tobacco custard leaning). Preferred single flavor mix: 1.0%

u/Session-Drummer WRITES:

I've NEVER been a big bacco vaper ... you can call me a somewhat reluctant tobacco vaper/tester ... It presented as a fairly complex affair, with the main notes being a mild (duh) tobacco and a very rich caramel ... it had far MORE tobacco, and less caramel ... The tobacco was full but not overly strong or bitter, and the "caramel wash" as I was calling it, just envoloped [sic] you during the vape. At times I even got almost smoky notes, but they kept moving in and out of focus, which really just left this one as a deliciously complex blend of a mid dark tobacco, and a very rich, yet not overpowering caramel. Preferred single flavor mix: 1.0%

Final Thoughts

FLV Mild Tobacco is a wonderful addition to the FLV Tobacco line. It has a unique taste that covers everything you would want out of a tobacco ry4 balance (unless you want vanilla which is such an easy fix). This can be vaped as a stand alone for people who want an easy one-and-done, bent either way to desserts or less mild tobacco mixes, paired with fruits, etc. I imagine you will see some boozy mixes with it if there aren't already some. Hell, just add some to Tesla's mix if you're lazy. Or, pull a Chainvapor and just work your way up to it from a nice Mild pairing you like.

Mild Tobacco is an essential flavor in my opinion. Not much else to say. I look forward to your recipes with it.