Flavor Review Friday - TPA DK Tobacco

TPA DK Tobacco

Setup: mtl STNG 0.8 Ohm 2.0 ID 28/40 clapton 28.5W

nose: i forgot to sniff it and im too lazy to do it now.

4% - At 7 days, this is a kind of unusual flavor. I dont think this is the most appealing description but it almost tastes like a sweet woody dark perfume. That's a horrible description, but it has that kind of unusual combination of flavors you sort of see in TPA RY4 Asian while being on this side of the tasty line. It would still need a deft hand to make work in a mix, yet seems particularly worth the effort. Already I'm thinking that at 1-2% this could be that 'secret ingredient' for spiced bacco blends or even maybe spiced bakeries. The main notes I'm getting are a bit of leafy mixed with some darker notes all bended into a sweetness that makes it seem like an RY1 Asian. If you like that novelty factor of RY4 Asian, but want to start with something a bit less aggressively odd, this could be what you are missing. And, who are we kidding, it's TPA so it is definitely affordable if not also easy to find (both bcf and diyvs carry this flavor as of posting). DK has this dark base note, with that bit of leaf that isn't brittle or off putting even at 4% like I could imagine FA 7 Leaves being that high. I really do wish I could explain it better but it defies description since it tastes sweet and slightly acrid without being bad at all. There's a touch of a slight floral hint that can sometimes come across a bit golden but it's so attached to that unique leafiness it's more like golden leaves with a hint of an odd sort of sour note that can be off putting if you arent into it. I'm into it both for novelty and because I think it can easily be bent into a golden blend or some kind of honey/nut mix.

Suggested percent: Solo 2-4%, in a mix 1-2% should be sufficient with 3 probably being the highest I would go unless paired with something much darker and richer.

Pairing ideas: You could probably do all kinds of weird things with this and fruits that would take to a bit of a leafy honey golden note. I could see this going with some rice/starch like flavors, all, ofc, in addition to using as an accent to tobacco recipes as an unusual additive note. Strangely enough, I want to pair this with TPA Black Honey and some kind of golden tobacco with maybe a hint of something plainer to normalize the flavors.

dk base

Tobacco base + Black Honey + 555 makes the bulk of the mix. Hint of Gold Ducat to add that more aggressive golden note and pull out that floral edge. Decano for it's similar semi-citrusy notes and floral-y oddity.

% Vendor Flavor
2 SC 555
1.5 TPA Black Honey
1 FA Decano Tobacco
3 TPA Dk Tobacco Base
1 INW Gold Ducat

The results here were mostly pleasant after about a week. Slightly sweet contrast to that leafy woody base, golden notes that border on floral but don't quite get there and the strange soury notes from both decano and the dk play nicely into a very odd blend.

Second Opinions:
Couldn't find a Noted review for it. Lemme know if you can find it.

ELR User HappyDee writes:

Found this quite a floral tobacco. In fact, a little too floral for me. I found it hard to vape. Even at low%. However, probably could vape it if it was all I had!
I will not give up on this I will find the right mix for it. Perhaps I need to try it quite low in %.

ELR user Houseofpain culled what must be several notes from around the web. Here are some highlights:

This has a strong pungent almost fermented or vinegary odor and flavor, with a floral carpet deodorizer finish. It packs the same punch when diluted. I haven't tried enough Dekang liquids to compare it to, but I don't get tobacco from it, more of an artificial cigar approximation made with ingredients which might be prohibited for use in every jurisdiction save China. I'm not suggesting it actually is, just that it's got quite a strong personality that's not for the faint of heart.

This is a very complex flavor that is based on the Dekang family. It has a bit of citrus, a little sour, a slightly sweet and nutty base, some floral.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, I can totally see this being a useful flavor. You get the novelty for novelty's sake without compromising flavor and at a decent price. I'd not be surprised if whatever the compounds are that put the dekang in the DK are the same as the ones that put the Asian in the RY4, or have some overlap, yet the differences allow this one to be used or taken in the direction that you want it. Probably used in a fair few of OG commercial mixes so definitely see this being useful to the old school tobacco cloners. While "not for the faint of heart" seems appropriate a warning, I can definitely see this being your secret weapon used super low in addition to maybe a few other accents like oak and maybe if you want to add a little variety in your rotation for that tpa entry price.