Shake and Vape

“Good as a shake and vape but it gets better…”

You’ll see this a lot. Sure it’s good to go right off, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to wait 24 hours or 2 weeks, even. Very few recipes aren’t better after they have a chance to age and homogenize. There’s a short list of flavors that disappear with a “steep” and a much longer list of flavors that need time to develop or let go of their off-notes.

It’s frustrating to mix something up and start vaping it only to find yourself steeped in bliss as the last 2ml reaches its full potential. And then it’s back to the lab to mix a bigger bottle and this time you’ll definitely wait. Or will you?

“The secret of patience is to do something else in the meantime”

In most cases the best results will require some patience but… ain’t nobody got time for that. So here are some shake and vape recipes to get by with while you wait for your custards, bakeries and tobaccos to steep.

The Classics

Best? Maybe not. But they are classic for a reason.

More Recent

You’ll see a trend in the profiles. This is a curtailed & curated list because anything else would require an entire website…

What are some key components to a vapeable Shake and Vape recipe?

  • Fruits are typically recommended because, without getting too deep, they are top notes with light volatiles that tend to homogenize quickly.
  • A higher PG ratio will lend itself to a quicker mix in the sense that it’s somewhat easier to shake (due to viscosity) and PG is a better flavor carrier. 60/40 VG/PG is IMO the ideal S&V ratio.
  • Simplicity or K.I.S.S. because the less you have going on in any mix, the less chance you have of screwing it up by overloading on flavors that contain things like ethyl maltol or overlapping volatiles that will cause muting.
  • And finally; lower your expectations because in my experience there’s no mix that is as good immediately after a shake as it is when given time to ‘steep’ 

Single Flavors

These are strong independent flavors that don’t need no mix to get by…

  • FA Fuji 3-4%
  • FA Forest Fruit 5%
  • LA Lemonade 4-6%
  • LA Watermelon 4-6%
  • LA Banana Cream 5%
  • TFA Banana Foster 6%
  • FLV Pink Guava (5% according to /u/Botboy141)
  • Capella Vanilla Custard (see also: Simple Sugar Cookie by ID10-T)
  • INW Eucalyptus & Mint <1%
  • D&B: Dandelion & Burdock (8-10% according to /u/ConcreteRiver)
  • FW Jungle Juice 10%
  • FLV Blueberry Muffin 4%
  • OSDIY Blue Raspberry Slush 10%
  • JF Honey Peach 2-3%

And so very many more. As I was writing this out I realized the list could run on forever so the TL;DR is Mostly fruits, single flavor test everything (you never know until you try).

Honorable Mentions (Short Steepers)

Kiwi Bourbon by /u/Coop34Bama Mixer

Custard Now by /u/EdibleMalfunction

Sadlad Toast Crunch by /u/RageIsAlotOfWork

1-2-3 Pistachio Lime by /u/ID10-T

1-2-3 Cinapple Side Dish /u/ID10-T

Somnambulist by LocoMojo

A Better Mango Boba by /u/SkiddlzNinja

Anyone who’s seen threads asking for Shake and Vape recipes knows that the answers are either repeated like a meme or someone sharing their latest creation. There is no definitive answer, no absolute list, and subjectivity divides us all, etc. But please, do share your favorite shake and vape and/or short steepers in the comments because I’ve certainly missed some good ones. My goal with this and future FAQ Friday posts is just to provide a more complete answer to these kinds of questions than you’d get with a search or a post to the weekly questions thread. Hopefully I’ve accomplished that.

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